At NY Times, it's always Israel's fault, while Palestinians get a pass

To grasp the particular lens through which the New York Times covers the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, one need look no farther than an article by Jerusalem bureau chief Ethan Bronner about a minor controversy over an Arab member of Israel's Supreme Court who stood during the singing of "Hatikvah," the national anthem, but did not sing along with the court's other members.  ("Anger and Compassion for Arab Justice Who Stays Silent During Zionist Hymn" March 5, page 10.") Bronner's piece, spread over six columns, prominently mentions the outrage on the political right, prompted by Justice Salim Joubran's mute stance during the singing of "Hatikvah."  But then, Bronner stirs the pot  further, citing an editorial in the far-left newspaper Haaretz, which called for changing the wording of the anthem because it dwells only on Jewish aspirations for a free nation in the land of Zion and Jerusalem. Yet, despite this brouhaha, Bronner finally concludes that most Israelis took...(Read Full Post)