American Muslims Show Support for NY Police

"Some of you may not have heard of us," Dr. Zuhdi Jasser stated, "because we don't fire off (constant) press releases. We are pro American Muslims. We are compelled after the relentless pummeling of that the NYPD (New York City Police) has received to come here." Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, founding member American Islamic Leadership Coalition (AILC)  said his words at a podium in front of New York Police Headquarters to voice his support for Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly and dispel the politically correct trope that the police are spying on mosques. A Google search on "spying on mosques" brings 3,950,000 results, but Dr. Jasser, a devout Muslim and U.S. military veteran physician, had brought his own group of speakers -- accompanying Congressman Peter King -- to reply to that charge. And Jasser wasn't finished with his own reply. A group of news outlet video cameras and press, from Fox News to Long Island cable television to a Hispanic station were...(Read Full Post)