Alabama, Mississippi polls show a tight, three way race

Romney, Santorum, and Gingrich are within a few points of one another in both the AL and MS polls in advance of the Tuesday primary. Rasmussen polled both Mississippi and Alabama and found Newt with 30% support, Santorum with 29%, and Romney with 28% in Alabama while Romney led in Mississippi with 35% followed by Santorum and Gingrich tied with 27%. Clearly, the lack of a single conservative alternative is giving Romney a boost in both states. But Mitt has also altered his strategy down south. Politico: Entering the region as an underdog against Rick Santorum, Romney first deployed his Southern version during a Wednesday afternoon visit to Pascagoula, Miss., blending stump pitches on energy and the military with a shout-out to campaign aide Garrett Jackson, a 2009 Ole Miss grad, who he travels with "more than my wife." "He's now turning me into an, I don't know, an unofficial Southerner," Romney said in front of several giant oil-drilling rig platforms sitting at the port. "I'm...(Read Full Post)