A Big Gesture Made Small

I listened to the BBC World News Report on Saturday and was shocked at a quote that was made regarding the apparent shooting of 17 unarmed Afghan civilians by Staff Sergeant Robert Bales on March 11th.  At a gathering of family members of the victims, compensation was offered. The commentator said "They were told the money had come from President Obama" "From Obama?" I shouted at my innocent radio. I looked up an article on BBC and found a direct quote to be sure I heard correctly. I found it in "Afghan massacre: Kandahar families given compensation", 25 March 2012, BBC News Asia. "'We were invited by the foreign and Afghan officials in Panjwai yesterday and they said this money is an assistance from [US President] Obama,' Haji Jan Agha, who said he lost his cousins, told Reuters on Sunday." In commentary by Bilal Sarwary accompanying the article, it was noted that "Compensation payments by foreign forces in Afghanistan are often made in cases of the deaths of...(Read Full Post)