Would Abraham Lincoln Be Pro-Life?

It is common knowledge that more books have been written about Abraham Lincoln, our 16th President, than any other figure except Jesus Christ.  With so much archeological attention directed toward him it is unlikely that much new factual material will surface about Mr. Lincoln.   When taken as a whole, the in-depth forensic examinations of his writings, relationships, lineage, marriage, religion (or supposed lack thereof), evidence a complex and brilliant identity.  An interesting phenomenon of the last twenty years, however, has been to place a contemporary lens over Lincoln.  In recent writings, Lincoln has been gay, depressed, and now even a Vampire Hunter.   So if historian Joseph Ellis can tell us, as he did this week in a Time Magazine special edition on George Washington that Washington would have hated the Tea Party, it is a salient point to consider whether Lincoln would be pro-life were he alive today. Evidence that he would be pro-life can...(Read Full Post)