White grandfather with black granddaughter provokes 911 calls

Some of the uglier features of the Jim Crow South are alive in Austin, Texas. Just ask Scott Henson, an Austin resident who describes himself as "an almost stereotypical looking Texas redneck." In his popular "Grits for Breakfast" blog dealing with the criminal-justice system, the political consultant and former journalist tells how he was a victim last Friday of "baby sitting while white." He was guilty -- he relates in a post that's attracting national and international coverage --  of walking hand-in-hand with his black granddaughter -- 5-year-old Ty who is the daughter of his goddaughter.. The pair lives with him and his wife. Henson not only baby sits the girl but takes her on walks -- and that included their ill-fated walk to from a local entertainment complex last Friday. It aroused the suspicions of a local resident. Calling 911, the person told police that a white man appeared to be kidnapping a little black girl. Minutes later, ...(Read Full Post)