We Don't Belong There

Amidst riots spreading throughout Afghanistan, four American soldiers have been shot dead -- two by a uniformed Afghan soldier and two by an Afghan Interior Ministry official assigned to work with those Americans.  Four dozen Afghanis are also dead, while scores of Afghans, as well as American and NATO troops have been injured.  Tens of thousands of Afghanis are outraged over the unintentional burning of four copies of the Koran -- but they've ignored an important fact.  These once-Holy books, which they so publicly cherish, had already been defiled.  Not by Americans, but by fellow Muslims.   The BBC reports that four desecrated copies of the Koran were being used by captured Muslim terrorists to pass messages among fellow prisoners.  The Washington Times confirmed this, reporting that defiled copies of the Koran contained extremist messages and inscriptions.  These radical Muslim prisoners ignored the prohibition on even touching the Koran...(Read Full Post)