Washington Post Discovers AT Called It On Mitt & Tea Party

We were there first! The AT as Paul Revere! The closet conservative is coming, the closet conservative is coming! That was the premise of "Mitt Romney: Tea Party When Tea Party Wasn't Cool." Romney" In word and deed, Mitt Romney was and is conservative, Tea Party in all but formal affiliation. The result was more angry emails than ever before, with supporters of other candidates letting me know that was the dumbest thing they ever heard. Newt's supporters, especially, went all Newt on me. Mitt Romney, conservative? Why, that's as absurd as...well, having a socialist in the White House. Oh, wait... Even the kindly folks at The Daily Show called to explore a guest appearance with Jon Stewart. Based on the conclusion that Mitt was a constitutionalist and a conservative, they had a progressive central casting dream: a hard right, God-fearing, Romney-loving wingnut ready for the slicing. But a month has passed and The Washington Post editors, on break from all that heavy-lifting for Barack...(Read Full Post)