Wash. Post, NY Times decry Israeli treatment of Palestinian terrorists

In their Sunday, Feb. 19 editions, the Washington Post and the New York Times go all out in criticizing Israel for cutting legal corners in handling Palestinian terrorists apprehended on the West Bank, including rock-throwing minors. Both articles exude deep sympathy for such criminal defendants -- a level of solicitude sadly lacking in the papers' coverage or non-coverage of Israelis exposed to far worse Palestinian brutality, or in the abusive treatment, including torture, of Hamas detainees in West Bank jails under Mahmoud Abbas's control, and Fatah detainees in Hamas jails in Gaza. The Washington Post story, splashed across six columns, focuses on a hunger strike by Khader Adnan, an Islamic Jihad terrorist leader, who's protesting his detention without trial and drawing attention and support from self-described human-rights groups and the European Union.  ("Palestinian on hunger strike poses a challenge for Israel - Prisoner protesting detention without trial said to be close...(Read Full Post)