U.S. Behind in Fighting Islamic Radicalization Via the Internet?

Islamic terrorist groups have the edge on the internet, reports the Washington Post.  Islamic bad guys are using the internet to radicalize youth here in the U.S., contends a study done for the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee. But is this the problem that the Senate committee study claims it to be?  If so, what will Uncle Sam's solution be?  More control of the internet or a more savvy approach to combating terrorists across cyberspace?  Or both.  Will Washington seek to diminish liberties?     The Washington Post cites the case of Zachary Chesser, a twenty-two-year-old now doing a twenty-five year stretch in the federal pen for terrorism crimes.  The Senate committee study claims that Chesser was transformed via Islamic extremist sites "from an average American kid to a hardened supporter of terrorist organizations" in less than a couple of years. But there are red flags about the study's contention that...(Read Full Post)