UN General Assembly calls for Assad to step down

It carries about as much weight as a tuft of cotton candy, but at least somebody, somewhere is taking a stand against Assad's brutality. Fox News: The U.N. General Assembly voted overwhelmingly Thursday for a resolution backing an Arab League plan calling for Syrian President Bashar Assad to step down and strongly condemning human rights violations by his regime. The vote in the 193-member world body on the Arab-sponsored resolution was 137-12 with 17 abstentions. Several countries complained immediately afterward that they were unable to vote due to problems with the U.N.'s voting machine. Supporters were hoping for a high "yes" vote to deliver a strong message to Assad to immediately stop the bloody crackdown that has killed over 5,400 people and hand power to his vice president. The measure had over 70 co-sponsors and won support from more than two-thirds of the General Assembly. "Today, the U.N. General Assembly sent a clear message of the people of Syria: the world...(Read Full Post)