Two More Journalists Have Died in Syria

When the news came this morning, at the beginning of Prime Minister's Questions in the British Parliament, (C-SPAN2, every Wednesday at 7 A.M., EST), that an American journalist working for the Sunday Times of London and a French photojournalist had been killed in the fighting in Syria, it was impossible not to think of the death in 2003 of  The Atlantic's Michael Kelly. Whenever an American reporter dies covering a war, I think of Kelly. He was, almost certainly, the best American print journalist of his generation.  Kelly's specialty was politics.  But he had covered the first Iraq War; and, when the second one started, he couldn't stay away. Kelly -- he was 47 when he died -- hated Saddam Hussein and his regime. Kelly wrote: "[t]yranny truly is a horror: an immense, endlessly bloody, endlessly painful, endlessly varied, endless crime against not humanity in the abstract but a lot of humans in the flesh. It is, as Orwell wrote, a jackboot forever stomping on a human...(Read Full Post)