The Greek Tragedy is a Case Study in Class Warfare

Greece is in a financial bind, and if Greece's problems can't be solved, it could mean the beginning of the end of the eurozone experiment.  European leaders are confident that they can close a deal with Greece on Monday and stave off disaster, but Greece isn't the only eurozone country facing financial Armageddon.  Spain and Portugal, to name just two others, are waiting in the wings to see what transpires.  The deal that's struck between Greece and European finance ministers will become the precedent for other countries that are sure to follow. No matter what happens, there is bound to be discontent that has the potential to explode.  European countries have built intricate webs of unsustainable social programs that affect every member of society, and they must be unraveled if the eurozone hopes to survive.  Real and imagined winners and losers in the process will be at each others' throats, and more violence similar to what we have witnessed in Greece over...(Read Full Post)