The Great Accommodator

Great presidents need great nicknames. With his recent exercise in extra-constitutional magnanimity,  allowing religious folk to enjoy the state-endowed religious liberty that he had recently taken away as matter of his principled noblesse oblige, our constitutional law adjunct lecturer-in-chief has finally achieved greatness. Up until now, he might have entered history  as "The Great Apologizer," or perhaps  "The Great Appeaser,"  or maybe  "Barry Big Spender."  He might simple have gone down as "One Term Obama." Not anymore. Barack Obama's "accommodation" with the Catholic church and other institutions of faith regarding the sovereign's, er, the President's mandate to force them to provide "reproductive services" that they might consider tantamount to murder is yet another example of the president's unparalleled grab, umm, grasp of fundamental rights, individual liberties, and Constitutional powers.  With a brilliantly nuanced moral argument, the...(Read Full Post)