Spanish socialists pour into the streets to protest

With unemployment at a staggering 23% - half the young people in Spain can't find a job - one would think that even socialists, who ran up the largest deficits in Spanish history, would acknowledge that change was necessary. Nope. Reuters: Hundreds of thousands of people protested across Spain Sunday against reforms to the labor market they fear will destroy workers' rights and spending cuts they say are destroying the welfare state. Organizers, including the two largest unions Comisiones Obreras and UGT, said as many as half a million people joined the protest in 57 towns and cities, although Spanish police gave no official estimate. In Madrid, one of the largest protests since the economic crisis began almost five years ago filled the wide boulevards from the Atocha train station up to the central Sol square with loud but peaceful marchers of all ages. "Contracts are getting worse every year. They say they want to invest in the future while cutting research budgets....(Read Full Post)