Small protest in Damascus a sign of things to come?

On Friday during a very small protest in the capitol city, security services shot and killed three demonstrators. That action brought a few thousand Damascus residents into the streets just a stone's throw from the presidential palace and other government buildings - including the embassy of Iran that protestors singled out for its support of the regime. New York Times: Hundreds and hundreds of antigovernment protesters braved scattered gunfire from Syrian soldiers to march through a middle-class neighborhood in Damascus on Saturday, the biggest demonstration witnessed close to the heart of the capital since the country's uprising started 11 months ago. The neighborhood, Mezze, skirts the hill on which the sprawling white presidential palace sits, and as row upon row of demonstrators walked along, wrapped tightly in heavy coats amid a snowstorm, more than a few expressed the wish that President Bashar al-Assad could hear them. [...] The relative calm of Damascus, as well as Aleppo,...(Read Full Post)