Sharia trumps First Amendment in Pennsylvania courtroom

A Muslim man who assaulted a man in a Halloween parade dressed as "Zombie Mohammed" (who was walking next to a "Zombie pope"), has had assault and harassment charges dismissed by a Pennsylvania judge, who just happens to be a Muslim convert. National Review's Andrew McCarthy summarizes: Magistrate Judge Mark Martin, a veteran of the war in Iraq and a convert to Islam, ruled that Talag Elbayomy's sharia defense - what he claimed was his obligation to strike out against any insult against the prophet Mohammed - trumped the First Amendment free speech rights of the victim. Yes, you read that correctly. The victim of the assault was the Pennsylvania head of American Atheists, which explains the visual insult being hurled at Islam (and Catholicism), but under the First Amendment there is a right to insult others, even stupidly, something Judge Martin apparently doesn't think applies to Islam. Al Stefanelli of American Atheists supplies some further details: The defendant is an immigrant...(Read Full Post)