Outrage in California over Republican official's mountain lion hunt

Hunting mountain lions is illegal in California - thanks to animal-rights groups and liberal voters. So when the president of the California Fish and Game Commission wanted to go on a mountain lion hunt, he recently headed to Idaho where it's legal to kill the big cats. Unfortunately for Daniel W. Richards, a photo of him proudly holding a lion he bagged in Northern Idaho was published in a hunting and fishing magazine, Western Outdoor News -- and it was quickly spotted by California's animal lovers and rights activists. They flew into fits over the animal's death and the pleasure Richards derived from hunting it down. Now, California's animal-rights lobbies and at least one Democratic lawmaker are calling for the San Bernardino County Republican's head -- claiming his hunt in Northern Idaho was a disgrace because, well, it somehow showed disrespect towards Californians. In 1990, voters passed Proposition 117, making it illegal to hunt mountain lions. "It's not...(Read Full Post)