Occupy protestors in London evicted from church steps

Not that anyone would want to use the church for its intended purpose, mind you. Compared to praying to God, the Occupy movement is far more important in the universal scheme of things. But the church leadership have only themselves to blame They sang the praises of the Occupy movement and then, when people got tired of stepping over the 30-40 activists blocking the steps at St. Paul Cathedral, they begged police to evict the protestors. The Guardian: The cathedral's decision, coupled with a previous high court decision obtained by the City of London, meant police successfully removed the entire Occupy London Stock Exchange camp from the square outside St Paul's. Police said 20 people had been arrested by 4.30am in the "largely peaceful" operation. Police and bailiffs moved in to begin clearing the Occupy London encampment in the early hours of Tuesday morning. Activists protesting against the financial and banking elite were told by bailiffs that they had five minutes to pack...(Read Full Post)