Obamacare, overregulation cited as reasons small businesses aren't hiring

Nonsense, says the left. The real reason is that there is a conspiracy against President Obama to keep the economy bad in order to make sure he is defeated in the election. Gallup reports that nearly half of small business owners disagree: U.S. small-business owners who aren't hiring -- 85% of those surveyed -- are most likely to say the reasons they are not doing so include not needing additional employees; worries about weak business conditions, including revenues; cash flow; and the overall U.S. economy. Additionally, nearly half of small-business owners point to potential healthcare costs (48%) and government regulations (46%) as reasons. One in four are not hiring because they worry they may not be in business in 12 months. Companies typically hold back on hiring when the economy is weak and when their operating environment is not providing sufficient revenues or cash flows. This appears to be the case right now, as the economy has been weak for more than four years....(Read Full Post)