Obama Talks about Standing Up While Sitting Down

Obama 2012 has a new campaign ad and it's pulling out all the stops.  President Obama, First Lady Michelle and their two adorable daughters Sasha and Malia are pictured in what is being touted as the first family's holiday portrait. In the photo, on the left Malia and Michelle are sitting with their perfectly-coifed heads tilting toward each other, smiling brightly. On the right side of the photo little Sasha is perched upon Dad's knee, head tilted in toward his, hands clasped together in obvious father/daughter affection. The backdrop is a lovely shade of traditional Barack Obama blue. Covering the first family at chest height is a grey-tone banner soliciting support in an election year. On the first line, although Joe isn't pictured in the photo, is an Obama logo positioned between the embossed names: "Obama Biden." On the next line is written, "Help the Obamas stand up for working Americans." Then comes "Join our campaign," followed by "Paid for by Obama for...(Read Full Post)