Obama Again Takes a Pass on Trying to Weaken Iran

True to form, President Obama has not even led from behind when it comes to Iran.  Two years ago, he and his minions in Congress tried to slow the passage of laws that would impose tough sanctions on Iran to dissuade the regime from developing nuclear weapons.  A weakened version eventually passed but was so weakly enforced by Obama's administration that a bipartisan group of senators sent him a letter calling on the administration to actually enforce the laws of the land.  I previously wrote about these efforts to oppose stiff measures against Iran in "Iran Policy: The Problem is Obama." Then two senators, Republican Mark Kirk (Illinois) and Democrat Robert Menendez (New Jersey) took the lead last year in the Kirk-Menendez amendment to a military funding bill to impose very tough new sanctions on Iran by focusing on the key financial sector of their economy.  The goal was to cut off funding for their nuclear program. Among the provisions were options to sanction...(Read Full Post)