NRO calls for Newt to drop out and support Santorum

This is a case of what's good for the goose... Recall that when Gingrich was riding high after South Carolina, he urged Santorum to drop out and support him. Now that the shoe has changed feet, shouldn't Newt take his own advice and help Santorum become the nominee by consolidating conservative support behind one candidate? NRO thinks so: Gingrich's verbal and intellectual talents should make him a resource for any future Republican president. But it would be a grave mistake for the party to make someone with such poor judgment and persistent unpopularity its presidential nominee. It is not clear whether Gingrich remains in the race because he still believes he could become president next year or because he wants to avenge his wounded pride: an ambiguity that suggests the problem with him as a leader. When he led Santorum in the polls, he urged the Pennsylvanian to leave the race. On his own arguments the proper course for him now is to endorse Santorum and exit. Santorum...(Read Full Post)