Not-Romney Wins Again

In the fourth consecutive nominating state election for the 2012 Republican presidential candidacy, Not-Romney made it four wins in a row.  In Florida, a swing state with a higher percentage of moderate voters than previous states, Romney still lost.  Not-Romney has won each state with the following percentages: Iowa 75%, New Hampshire 61%, South Carolina 72%, and Florida 54%.  Conservatives still dominate the Republican electorate. The problem is there is no candidate named Not-Romney.  The sooner conservatives understand this the more likely a conservative will win the nomination.  The conservative voters have split their vote for four consecutive primaries.  If you are a conservative voter, you need to decide whether you want your vote to be a vote for victory.  A protest vote or a vote for a candidate just because you like them best is just another vote in the minority and is a vote for conservatives to lose.  Don't throw away your vote....(Read Full Post)