Noam Chomsky's Internal Contradiction

Noam Chomsky exempts himself from his relativistic philosophy when criticizing the US for its "imperial" foreign policy.  I was reading a piece by Noam Chomsky today on HuffingtonPost. The article is rather long, but there's a section devoted to the 2006 elections in Palestine that led to Hamas gaining power, which was of course opposed by the US and much of the West. In that section, Chomsky says: Similar considerations carry over directly to the second major concern addressed in the issue of Foreign Affairs cited in part one of this piece: the Israel-Palestine conflict.   Fear of democracy could hardly be more clearly exhibited than in this case.  In January 2006, an election took place in Palestine, pronounced free and fair by international monitors.  The instant reaction of the U.S. (and of course Israel), with Europe following along politely, was to impose harsh penalties on Palestinians for voting the wrong way. One could fear Democracy for two reasons:...(Read Full Post)