Newt barely present in Nevada

It is going to be a Romney slam dunk in today's Nevada caucuses - probably. Unless Ron Paul can pull a rabbit out of his hat, the large and politically active Mormon population in Nevada should be enough to bring Romney an easy victory. What about Newt? Politico: Gingrich's Nevada operation can be understood by a glance at his state campaign headquarters. On the side of busy Highway 95 sits a plain white office building that is home to a real estate business and a law firm. There are no "Gingrich 2012" signs, no banner hanging over the door. A path of white paper signs with red arrows directing visitors to the Gingrich headquarters leads to a CPA office and back through a labyrinth of offices. There are no yard signs leaning against the wall, no boxes of pamphlets or bumper stickers to be distributed. On a Thursday afternoon, two days before the caucuses, the offices are empty. Bob Seale, a Gingrich supporter and a partner at the Seale and Beers firm from which the campaign is...(Read Full Post)