New Horizons for Hate Crimes

Excuse me for laughing, but the flawed logic of liberals has run into sort of a lesbian conundrum up in the blue-blue state of Massachusetts. Seems three women who proudly fly the rainbow flag were arraigned for beating up a gay man in a Massachusetts train station.  All three ladies were charged with participating in a hate crime. That's right -- three lesbians who happen to be black beat up on a gay guy in a train station and get arrested for being perpetrators of a "hate crime."  The problem is that all four of the individuals involved -- the accused as well as the victim -- are homosexuals. So is it the first-ever gay-on-gay hate crime?  Or is it a female-on-male hate crime?  What about the race of the guy who was pounded by the trio -- if he's white, Asian or Latino, could it be considered liberals' perennial favorite, the "racially-motivated" hate crime? Logically, it has to be one of the latter two because the law cannot prosecute a gay person beating up on...(Read Full Post)