MSNBC Boots Buchanan

Ironic, isn't it, how -- just when Patrick J. Buchanan's controversial 1992 prediction of a culture war has been proven prophetically accurate by the Obama Administration's assault on religious employers -- the Prophet Buchanan himself has been silenced and exiled from his last MSM outlet? MSNBC's move against Pat Buchanan has been a long time coming. But, if you read the British press this morning, you can already see what's coming next in terms of ghetto-izing and then silencing religious conservatives. Note the succession. First, they came for Salman Rushdie... Then they came for Don Imus...Then they came for the Catholic Church...Then they came for Pat Buchanan. Today, for the first time, we have crossed a threshold: on one cable news channel, the task of ideological purification is done. MSNBC's now a conservative-free zone. (Sorry, Joe Scarborough. You don't count.). In his Friday column, Pat Buchanan announces that he and MSNBC have finally parted ways. MSNBC's move is no...(Read Full Post)