Michelle Obama's Well-Marbled Manipulation

In recent weeks Mrs. Obama might as well be crisscrossing the United States of America with broccoli in one hand and a five-pound hand weight in the other, with carrot tops sticking out of her back pocket and half a cantaloupe for a hat.  She's done pushups with Ellen DeGeneres, exercised with Olympic Gold Medalist Dominique Dawes, sack-raced with comedian Jimmy Fallon, exercised with Desmond Tutu, and even done the platypus walk at Disney World.  And that's just for starters. She's appeared on the cover of every magazine, from over-40 women's magazine More to Prevention, where she's touted the benefits of cutting fat and eating vegetables, and has done so to everyone from Jay Leno on the Tonight Show to a group of toddlers in New Orleans.  If you listen to what she says, the woman certainly sounds committed.  But commitment involves more than words, and when Michelle Obama's food directives are compared to the food choices and menu selections she makes for herself...(Read Full Post)