Michelle Obama, Job Creator

Michelle Obama has a vacation gig that's hard to beat.  There's the February 'spend time with the daughters' vacation, which usually entails skiing and snowboarding in Vail, Beaver Creek, or Aspen. There's 'tag along with Barry' excursions, which turn into holiday adventures like last years' post- Vail trip to Rio.  Following closely behind are the April trips like last year's slogging stout in Ireland and an outing to rub elbows with royals Kate and Will. Then there's the pre-vacation vacation in June, which usually precedes the Martha's Vineyard official vacation in August.  Last year* it was a 'fried fat cake' safari to Africa.  In the fall, prior to Christmas vacation in Hawaii, there's usually some event Michelle manages to turns into a fun jaunt. Last year it was the Asian Pacific Conference conveniently located in Hawaii, where the First Lady got to squeeze in some R & R and local dining before returning early for a $4 million, 17-day Hawaiian Christmas...(Read Full Post)