Making the 'Military Pay'

Barack Obama is showing his hand by using the military as guinea pigs in what is soon to be one of many social experiments initiated by ObamaCare.  If the President's proposed plan to place an increased burden for healthcare costs on military families and retirees is any indication of how the Obama family interprets "Joining Forces," then we civilians are in dire straits. How is the Barack Obama choosing to say "thank you...mobilize, take action and make a real commitment to supporting military families?" Why, it's to ask American heroes who preserve our freedoms to "pay sharply more for their healthcare." Remember back in 2009 when the President said "If you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan?" Word to the wise: Don't bet on it.  It appears as if the move to raise health care costs on the military is a stealthy attempt to shuttle the first busload onto the ObamaCare state-run insurance exchange rolls. In this case, the initial group just happens...(Read Full Post)