Issa's Bravado on Fast and Furious Falls Flat

Did Representative Darrell Issa really ask Attorney General Eric Holder to "specify a date" when the DOJ would turn over subpoenaed documents relating to Fast and Furious?  From a February 14, 2012 letter sent by Issa to Holder: We cannot wait any longer for the Department's cooperation. As such, please specify a date by which you expect the Department to produce all documents responsive to the subpoena. In addition please specify a Department representative who will interface with the Committee for production purposes. The Committee has been more than patient in dealing with Department representatives to obtain the information it needs. Nearly four months have passed since I authorized your subpoena. It is impossible to end our investigation with the current level of cooperation we are receiving from the Department. What cooperation? For over a year now, the Committee Chairman's weapon of choice against the lying, smirking "my people" Holder has been letters -- lots of...(Read Full Post)