Israel strengthens nuclear deterrent against Iran with fleet of German subs

Israel has signed a contract with Germany for a sixth Dolphin-class submarine capable of being outfitted with nuclear-tipped cruise missiles, according to the Jerusalem Post. The Israeli Navy already fields three operational Dolphin subs.  Another two are scheduled for delivery later this year. A sixth one will help strengthen Israel's nuclear deterrent vis a vis Iran.  In strategic-arms parlance, this gives Israel a second-strike capability.  The  Dolphin subs effectively would be immune to a first-strike Iranian attack, leaving them available for nuclear retaliation.   Theoretically, the German subs thus might stay the mullahs' hands from assured atomic devastation of their own country. Nuclear deterrence worked during the Cold War, when Washington and Moscow faced mutual assured destruction (MAD) should either have contemplated a first-strike nuclear attack on the other.  But would it work this time with theocratic, fanatical zealots...(Read Full Post)