Is the Homs massacre a sign that Assad is nearing his end?

It is estimated that more than 400 people were killed in Homs over two days of shelling by the Syrian military. The attack represented the most savage act of repression by President Assad since the revolt against his regime began. Is it just a coincidence that the attack came on the heels of the UN's failure to approve the Arab League peace plan, or otherwise sanction Syria for its war crimes? Or is there something more basic at work? The BBC: Eyewitness Danny Abdul Dayem told the BBC the army was using rockets for the first time, with more than 300 falling on his locality since dawn. "It's not safe at all, a rocket could land in this house right now," he said Some rebels fighters have been firing automatic weapons in return, in what our correspondent calls a futile gesture. The rebels claim that the shelling has hit a field hospital in the Baba Amr district, causing casualties. However, our correspondent says this is impossible to verify. The facility is treating dozens of people...(Read Full Post)