Is Paula Deen Surrendering to the Food Police?

Paula Deen says she's going to start making lighter versions of her dishes. That's a little like Ron Paul saying he's going to start putting tax increases in his bills.  It's a little suspect. Paula Deen has made a fortune off her rich recipes, as has the Food Network.  So, what's really at play here? Deen, of course, has been under fire ever since revealing last month she has Type 2 diabetes.  Food activists decried the revelation. After all, how dare she keep mum about it for three years and continue making fattening foods! What she cooks, eats, and what medical problems she has are no one else's business.  But, try telling that to the food police who think others' food choices are their business. Neither Deen nor the Food Network should bow to outside pressure for healthier fare.  It's a slippery slope toward food tyranny.  What's next, government regulation of the Food Network?  Big Brother is already trying to tell us what we can and can't eat,...(Read Full Post)