If Assad falls

The international community has been virtually unanimous in its condemnation of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's brutal eleven month old crackdown on the uprising by dissidents and reformers in his country. The United States, the United Nations, the Arab League, the Vatican and many others have roundly criticized his violent response to cries for freedom and democracy in Syria and have called it inhuman and unacceptable, among other things. There have been attempts to implement sanctions and to take other non-military measures to force him to stop terrorizing, torturing and murdering Syrians and to negotiate and put in place much needed reforms in Syria. There have even been calls for him to abdicate. All of this has been to no avail and has done nothing to stop the carnage. The latest report for example has Syrian soldiers using human shields on tanks as they shell civilian populations, this to prevent the Free Syrian Army and other rebels from attacking them. No one really knows...(Read Full Post)