How terrorists get 'punk'd'

Here's an indecent question: Under what conditions might a husband cheat on his wife? Imagine if a major television network created a reality show designed to answer this question. Bringing together weeks of planning, heavy surveillance, psychological profiles, and a cast of young, alluring undercover agents, the show would put unwitting husbands to the ultimate test of spousal loyalty. After being conned for weeks, some of the "contestants" would inevitably capitulate and take that fateful step toward betrayal. While this idea may seem farfetched, a similar scheme is being cooked up and served on a regular basis by the FBI in its campaign against terrorism. Since 9/11, the majority of criminal convictions in high-profile terror cases in the United States relied on sting operations and informants. Some of these cases have raised concerns over whether the agents crossed the line into entrapment, using enticements to lure penniless men and sometimes teenagers into highly...(Read Full Post)