How I Went from Left to Right to...Libertarian?

I grew up in the 70's.  All of my ideas of government were shaped by what I read in the newspapers, evening broadcasts, and school textbooks.  By the time I reached early adulthood I was a confirmed Democrat.  I mistrusted Republicans because they represented money grubbing big businesses.  I was a card carrying Sierra Club member, and I worked to pass legislation mandating the bottle bill in my state.  I feared the presidency of Ronald Reagan. Midway through college Jesus Christ came into my life.  I felt transformed inside out.  I began to try to live and think by what the Bible taught. After transferring to a Christian college I was confronted with the abortion issue.  As a good Democrat, I felt that abortion was a woman's right and perfectly moral.  In one of our chapels the speaker presented a side I had never considered:  that the thing the woman was aborting was a living human being.  It was murder. I was challenged to the...(Read Full Post)