Gingrich: 'I could lose Georgia'

We haven't heard much from Newt lately, as he has been fundraising furiously out in California - and minding his P's and Q's. But the former Georgia congressman is as prescient as ever when it comes to politics. National Journal: Wrapping up a four-day fundraising swing through California, Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich shifted his focus to the state he once represented in Congress but said he's unsure he can win the Georgia primary. "Look, given this kind of a year, who knows?" Gingrich told reporters outside of a Beverly Hills restaurant when asked if he could lose his home state in the Super Tuesday sweepstakes on March 6. "Romney could lose Michigan. Santorum could lose Pennsylvania. Who knows what's going to happen?"   The former House speaker and 10-term congressman from Georgia was dealt a setback on Thursday when CNN cancelled the one debate scheduled in the state before the primary. The debate was scrapped after the three other presidential...(Read Full Post)