Football stars move to Minnesota to vote?

Take heart Vikings fans, the Super Bowl is within your reach.  Devastated by his failure to save his team at the last minute, embarrassed by the scolding his wife administered to his team mates, Tom Brady is throwing in his football and moving to Minnesota.  And all that knee dropping in mile high Denver is making Timothy Tebow breathless, negatively affecting his performance.  So he's off to Minnesota too.  James O'Keefe, the brilliant investigative young reporter who exposed ACORN's scams and other fraud, has the exclusive!  In advance of the 20120 Presidential Caucus, Project Veritas' investigators visited the state of 10,000 lakes yesterday and inquired with voter registrations officials if they could register on behalf of others . . .including the names of today's NFL star quarterbacks: Project Veritas Investiagor: (sic) "Thomas Brady he just happened to be assaulted in Minnesota so he's going through a lot of depression so he can't come in to register...(Read Full Post)