Fisker Automotive's NASCAR fantasy failure

Green car builder Fisker Automotive became the latest DOE selected "winner" to show potential Solyndra fiscal mismanagement involving their Delaware factory to build a 99% Project Nina sedan. Some workers were laid off and they're renegotiating the loan agreement, since they're the recipient of a $529 million DOE loan guarantee, thanks to Obama crony capitalists. But what's up with the Karma, the car marketed toward the 1%, currently in production? With the Daytona 500 - The Great American Race - taking place this month, it's fair to wonder, as Fisker's Karma lurches to market, where's the sales buzz if it's such an exceptional  $103K sports sedan. Let's suppose Fisker was a rookie team getting ready to compete in a NASCAR Sprint Cup fantasy season, how would their promotional efforts be described? Summed up, it would be a series of Did Not Start (DNS), Qualify (DNQ) or Finish (DNF) and a back-of-the-pack finish. Here's some real world examples.   One DNF would be reflected...(Read Full Post)