European Green Energy Subsidies Wane

Will the European economic situation affect the green energy industry?  While many people have praised various nations for subsidizing green or renewable energy production, they forget that governments can quickly change their minds when it comes to subsidies that directly affect the green or renewable energy industry. Green or renewable energy businesses rely upon government subsidies in the form of "feed-in" tariffs, high guaranteed wholesale prices paid to the green energy producers.   Budget austerity programs across Europe mean that these subsidies will be cut back. Spain, once the largest solar-energy market in the world, stopped subsidies for new green or renewable energy projects.  Spain invested about €2.7 billion in subsidies to the county's photovoltaic industry in 2009 alone.  Germany, once at the forefront of green energy production, said that they are going to end nuclear power production of electricity by 2022.  Germany also announced...(Read Full Post)