Egypt to try 19 Americans for 'illegally' receiving foreign funds to promote democracy

Sam LaHood, son of Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, and 18 other Americans have been referred for prosecution by an Egyptian judge for what the government is saying includes receiving foreign funds illegally and being involved in banned activity. The State Department can not confirm the reports at this time. Fox News: In all, Egyptian officials say 44 non-governmental organization workers will be put before the court after investigating judges claimed they had reason to try the democracy and rights workers. The move is likely to further sour relations between Egypt's military rulers and the United States, the Arab nation's chief western backer for more than 30 years. The decision came just after Secretary of State Hillary Clinton met Saturday with Egyptian Foreign Minister Mohamed Kamel Amr on the sidelines of the 48th meeting of the Munich Security Conference in Germany. [...] Sam LaHood is head of the Egypt office of the Washington-based International Republican Institute. Two...(Read Full Post)