Egypt to end crisis over American NGO employees?

Two Egyptian government officials are telling Reuters that the standoff between the US and Egypt over their proseuction of 19 Americans who work for NGO's is likely to end soon because Egypt can't afford to lose the $1.3 billion in aid we give them every year. Some of the U.S. citizens, belonging to the U.S.-funded National Democratic Institute (NDI) and International Republican Institute (IRI), sought refuge in the American Embassy. Washington has asked Egypt to drop the travel bans and allow the groups targeted in the investigation to resume their work. Both Congress and the White House have warned that the crackdown could threaten its yearly $1.3 billion U.S. military support. Egypt's government has thrown up its hands, saying it cannot interfere in judicial business, and reacted with indignation to U.S. criticism of the crackdown. One minister said Egypt does "not accept threats from the United States." Washington is unlikely to accept the government's claim of impartiality in...(Read Full Post)