Did Gingrich Just Win In Michigan?

Ever since Newt Gingrich's loss in Florida's Republican primary I've been trying to read that gotcha-just-where-I-want-you smile of his.  What's his plan for winning the nomination?  No matter how bleak his prospects appear, he does have a plan, that we can be certain of.  And whatever it is, it is patient, simple and clever.  He's the same man after all who wrote a book explaining how Robert E. Lee could have won the battle of Gettysburg by simply abandoning the field July 2, marching a day south and east and waiting for the Union Army to destroy itself.  As Newt has done the same thing himself numerous times, most famously when he stopped negotiating with Bill Clinton when everybody told him he had to and if it wasn't for Bob Dole surrendering the government shut-down, almost folded up that administration like a cheap suit. Now watching Romney and Santorum each beat the other's brains out in Michigan I think I finally figured out what Newt is up to. ...(Read Full Post)