Dems Mobilize in Missouri for Santorum

Through an odd sequence of decisions -- including a veto of a date change by Democratic governor Jay Nixon -- Missouri is stuck with a presidential preference primary on Tuesday that has very close to no meaning. We here in Missouri will actually pick our convention delegates at a series of caucus meetings on March 17. What makes the primary interesting is the fact that Newt Gingrich missed the filing deadline.  This will make the primary the first head-on confrontation between Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum among those voters not supporting Ron Paul.  According to my contact, arguably the state's leading Democratic operative, the Dems will be sending their minions to the polls to vote for Santorum. It is not that they like Santorum.  In the perversely compartmentalized mind of the Democratic voter, Rick Santorum is known first and foremost as a homophobe.  Google "Santorum," and the top item on the page -- just above "Rick Santorum for President" -- is a site...(Read Full Post)