Coup in the Maldives

Well here's a head-scratcher. The Religion of Peace backs a coup that overthrows a democratically elected government on Tuesday. On Thursday the US recognized the new government. There were reports that the police and security forces forced the president out, but Victoria Nuland, spokeswoman for the US State Department, saw no problem because "President Waheed, as you know, has committed to forming a national unity government." Of course he did. All any new tyrant has to do is coo magic words like "national unity government" and we bow before him. But, asked a reporter, was the transfer of power handled constitutionally? "Well, our view, as of yesterday-and I don't think that that has changed; obviously we'll collect more information going forward-was that this was handled constitutionally." Such a benign interpretation of events lasted all of a day. Here is Ms. Nuland on Friday: "I got myself in a place yesterday that was not borne out by the facts." Remember Hillary's ad in the 2008...(Read Full Post)