Controversy over Chrysler Super Bowl ad

Republicans hated it. Democrats loved it. And both sides agree that a Chrysler ad that ran during halftime of the Super Bowl gave a boost to President Obama's campaign. The ad, featuring Clint Eastwood, praised the auto bailout: A Chrysler ad aired during the Super Bowl Sunday night has inspired ire among some Republicans and admiration among some Democrats - with both sides seeing a political message that boosts President Obama. In an ad touting the resurgence of the American auto industry, Clint Eastwood declared that it's "halftime in America and our second half's about to begin," which could be interpreted as a reference to Obama's second term.  The ad's themes seem to echo Obama's own argument that his administration brought the auto industry back from the brink of disaster. "They almost lost everything," Eastwood says of Detroit. "But we all pulled together. Now Motor City is fighting again." "I was, frankly, offended by it," said Karl Rove on Fox News Monday. "I'm a huge fan...(Read Full Post)