Canadian confusion over honor killings

Mohammad Shafia, his second wife Tooba Mohammad Yahya and their son Hamed were all convicted of first degree murder in a court in Kingston, Ontario for murdering Shafia's first wife and his three teenaged daughters by Tooba. The murders were planned and deliberate and the trio were sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole for twenty five years. The Toronto Star wants to know if the murders were honour killings or domestic violence. See "Were Shafia murders 'honour killings' or domestic violence? Toronto Star, January 30, 2012. I'll answer the question for their readers right off the bat. The murders were honour killings, absolutely no doubt about it. The victims were murdered because they violated Mohammad Shafia's sense of honour, period. There was no other motive for the murders, none. Shafia felt dishonoured by the victim's behaviour and decided to murder them to restore it. That decision and the subsequent murders were rooted in Shafia's religion, Islam, which degrades...(Read Full Post)