Be Careful What You Wish for, Mr. President. You Just Might Get It.

Patrick J. Buchanan's defenestration by MSNBC continues to stir comment across the blogosphere, as well as on AT's comment page. Over the weekend, our friends are PJM posted a piece by Ron Radosh on Buchanan. Radosh links to most of the commentary, including Andrew Sullivan's defense of him.  MSNBC's own hosts and commentators, Chris Matthews, Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, have all posted or commented on air about this. All criticize the decision to not keep Buchanan on the air at MSNBC. Not everyone, of course, agrees. In this regard, we'd add Radosh's piece a helpful compilation of Buchanan quotes at the website of the Anti-Defamation League. Yet, with commentary on air at the Sunday programs and this morning almost universally  negative about Rick Santorum's statements about President Obama's faith, the absence of Pat Buchanan (or some other full-throated conservative voice) from MSNBC and elsewhere is noticeable.  It doesn't have to be a paleocon either....(Read Full Post)